Vision and mission

A3P Biomedical’s mission is to improve the lives of men by radically improving the precision in prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment. The vision is to significantly reduce mortality in one of the world’s most common cancers.

A simple blood test and an advanced algorithm. Two parts that in several ways improve the diagnostics of prostate cancer. Most importantly they increase the possibility to find aggressive prostate cancer at an early stage. Early detection is the key for successful treatment and survival. Improved and refined diagnostics will also reduce individual inconvenience caused by overdiagnosis and unnecessary biopsies. This, combined with early and more accurate risk assessment with clear recommendations for both individuals and care providers, also reduces costs for healthcare providers.

“All the members in our team are committed to make a change in the prostate cancer workflow. We are convinced that Stockholm3 will have a significant positive impact on society, by reducing individual harm from over-diagnosis, mortality and overall healthcare costs.” Martin Steinberg, cofounder of A3P Biomedical.