A3P Biomedical AB is collaborating with leading healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and laboratory providers. We are constantly expanding our network of partners to commercialize Stockholm3 worldwide for the benefit of patients, payors and society.

Following healthcare providers offers Stockholm3:

Bergus Medical
Phone:  08-400 275 00

Prostatacancercentrum Capio S:t Görans sjukhus
Phone: 08-587 01 350

Stockholm UroGynmottagning
Phone: 08-678 27 50

UroClinic at Sophiahemmet
Phone: 08- 406 21 90

GHP Urologcentrum, Läkarhuset Odenplan (also for international patients)
Phone: 08-587 103 10

Gendoktorn Medicinsk Service
Phone: 073-200 1003

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact Marcela Navarro Björn.