A3P Biomedical reports strong evidence for Stockholm3 in major Norwegian real-life study

A3P Biomedical announced today that a real-life study including 4,784 men has been carried out by Stavanger University Hospital showing that the company’s blood-based Stockholm3 test leads to a 28% reduction in prostate cancer work-up, an increase in identification of clinically significant cancers by 55% and reduction of direct healthcare costs by 23-28%.

A3P announced today that a real-life study has been carried out by Stavanger University Hospital. The study included 4,784 men where GPs were instructed to use Stockholm3 instead of PSA as standard procedure for diagnosis of prostate cancer. Using Stockholm3 led to a 28% reduction in prostate cancer work-up, an increase in identification of clinically significant cancers by 55% and reduction of direct healthcare costs by 23-28%.

“This is the second major real-life study that shows both the strong clinical value of Stockholm3 as well as the major health economic gains. By replacing PSA with Stockholm3, healthcare providers significantly improve the outcome for men and at the same time make significant cost savings, a win-win for everyone” says Martin Steinberg, CEO of A3P Biomedical

“I believe Stockholm3 will change clinical practice in Scandinavia and thereafter in most Western countries, since the gains are so big compared to PSA”, says Svein R Kjosavik, Principal Investigator at Stavanger University Hospital to the Norwegian Doctors’ Society.

The publication can be found here, the Norwegian Doctors’ Society’s interview with Svein R Kjosavik can be found here.

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About A3P Biomedical
A3P Biomedical is a private diagnostics company, focusing on prostate cancer. A3P lead product is Stockholm3, a clinically and commercially validated blood test for early detection of aggressive prostate cancer. The test has been developed by scientists at Karolinska Institutet and validated in large clinical studies.

A3P Biomedical’s mission and vision is to improve the lives of men by radically improving the precision in prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment, thereby significantly reducing mortality.

About prostate cancer and Stockholm3
Prostate cancer is the second most common male cancer, and the fifth leading cause of cancer related death in men worldwide. In 2020, 1.4 million men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 378,000 deaths are expected. Incidence of prostate cancer is expected to increase by 70% until 2040, driven by an aging population.

Stockholm3 is a blood test that combines protein markers, genetic markers, clinical data, and a proprietary algorithm, to predict the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Stockholm3 finds 100% more aggressive prostate cancers and reduce 50% of unnecessary biopsies compared to current practice with PSA(1). Data from the pivotal study, including 58,000 men, was published in The Lancet Oncology in 2015 (1). A total of SEK 750 million has been invested in clinical research, product development and market validation activities of Stockholm3.

Stockholm3 has not yet applied for national reimbursement in any country. However, based on robust peer-reviewed clinical data, leading Nordic healthcare providers such as Capio S:t Görans Hospital in Sweden and Stavanger University Hospital in Norway have replaced PSA with Stockholm3. Patients benefit from a more precise test (with increased sensitivity and specificity) and healthcare providers benefit from direct cost savings of 17-28%(1).

(1) Publications, results and clinical validations.